Dairy Farm Worker

October 17, 2023 0 Comments

Job Description: We are currently hiring Dairy Farm Workers to assist in the daily operations of our dairy farms. As a Dairy Farm Worker, you will play a vital role in the care and management of our cows and the overall functioning of the farm. This is a physically demanding role that requires a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and a genuine passion for working with animals.

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  • Participate in the feeding, milking, and general care of dairy cows, ensuring their health and well-being.
  • Clean and maintain barns, milking equipment, and other farm facilities to uphold hygiene and sanitation standards.
  • Assist with the calving process, including monitoring pregnant cows, assisting with deliveries, and providing postnatal care.
  • Conduct regular health checks on cows, identifying any signs of illness or injury and promptly reporting to the supervisor or veterinarian.
  • Maintain accurate records of milk production, herd health, and other farm-related activities.
  • Operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment, such as tractors, feed mixers, and skid steers.
  • Follow established protocols for milking procedures, including proper milking machine attachment and udder sanitation.
  • Assist in the maintenance and repair of farm infrastructure, including fences, gates, and water supply systems.
  • Comply with all safety regulations and guidelines to ensure a safe working environment for yourself and others.
  • Work closely with other team members, demonstrating effective communication and teamwork skills.


  • Previous experience working on a dairy farm is preferred, but not mandatory. We welcome applicants who have a genuine interest in working with animals and are willing to learn.
  • Physical fitness and the ability to perform manual labor for extended periods, including lifting heavy objects and working in various weather conditions.
  • Knowledge of dairy farm operations and an understanding of cow behavior and welfare is advantageous.
  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions accurately.
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively.
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • A valid driver’s license may be required, depending on the specific job location.

We appreciate all applications, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Thank you for considering FERME J.B. BOURK INC. as your potential employer.

How to apply?

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Telephone: (819) 621-9181, Email: sergebourque@hotmail.com