Best Recruitment Agencies in Canada for Foreigners 2023

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When foreigners seek jobs in Canada, they usually try to find jobs through job portals or recruitment agencies in Canada. It is most often advised to apply through recruitment agencies, as they have a lot of information regarding the internal job market of the country when compared to the job portals in Canada.

But before applying through any recruitment agencies, we need to find the best recruitment agency out of many recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners. And many factors determine whether a particular recruitment agency is suitable for us, safe, reliable or not.

10 Main Point you Must Keep in mind earlier deciding on Recruitment Agencies in Canada for Foreigners

When choosing recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners, there are several key factors to consider. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  1. Reputation and Experience: Look for agencies with a strong reputation and a proven track record of successfully placing foreign candidates in Canadian job markets. Consider their experience in recruiting for your specific industry and their knowledge of immigration processes.
  2. Specialization: Some recruitment agencies specialize in certain industries or job sectors. Choosing an agency with expertise in your field is important, as they will better understand the job market and match you with suitable opportunities.
  3. Immigration Support: Foreign candidates often require assistance with immigration processes such as work permits, visas, and permanent residency applications. Consider whether the agency offers support and guidance in navigating these procedures and has experience working with immigration authorities.
  4. Network and Connections: A strong network of employers and industry contacts is crucial for a recruitment agency. They should have connections with reputable companies and organizations in Canada, increasing their chances of finding suitable job opportunities.
  5. Services Provided: Evaluate the range of services offered by the agency. Do they provide resume/CV writing assistance, interview coaching, or career counseling? A comprehensive suite of services can be beneficial in enhancing your job search and increasing your chances of success.
  6. Success Rate: Inquire about the agency’s success rate in placing foreign candidates. A high success rate indicates their ability to match candidates with suitable positions and navigate the unique challenges foreigners face in the Canadian job market.
  7. Fees and Contractual Terms: Understand the agency’s fee structure and contractual terms before engaging in their services. Ensure you are clear on any costs and the specific services provided.
  8. Reviews and Testimonials: Read reviews and testimonials from previous clients or candidates who have used the agency’s services. This can provide insights into their reputation, professionalism, and their clients’ overall satisfaction.
  9. Personalized Approach: Consider whether the agency offers personalized attention and understands your individual needs and career goals. A tailored approach can significantly improve your job search experience.
  10. Transparency and Communication: Choose an agency that maintains open and transparent communication throughout the process. They should inform you about job opportunities, provide updates on your application status, and promptly respond to your queries.

Remember, conducting thorough research, comparing multiple agencies, and evaluating them based on your specific requirements is essential before deciding.

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The requirement to apply for jobs in Canada:

To apply for jobs in Canada, there are several requirements and considerations to keep in mind. Here are some key aspects:

  1. Work Permit: If you are a foreign national seeking employment in Canada, you will generally need a valid work permit. There are different types of work permits, such as employer-specific work permits, open work permits, and work permits under international agreements. Determining which type of work permit is suitable for your situation is important.
  2. Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA): In some cases, Canadian employers may be required to obtain an LMIA, which demonstrates that there is a genuine need to hire a foreign worker for the job and there are no qualified Canadians or permanent residents available for the position. The LMIA process is typically the responsibility of the employer.
  3. Job Offer: Securing a job offer from a Canadian employer before applying for a work permit is crucial. The job offer should outline important details such as the position, salary, working conditions, and duration of employment. Having a job offer strengthens your application and helps facilitate the work permit process.
  4. Skills and Qualifications: Canadian employers typically prioritize candidates with the necessary skills, qualifications, and work experience. Assess your qualifications and determine if they align with the desired job requirements. Certain professions and occupations may have specific licensing or certification requirements in Canada, so it’s important to research and understand any industry-specific qualifications.
  5. Language Proficiency: English and French are the official languages of Canada. Depending on the job and the province, employers may require proof of language proficiency through language tests such as IELTS, CELPIP (for English), or TEF (for French).
  6. Education and Credentials: Ensure that your education and credentials are recognized in Canada, especially if your profession requires specific accreditation or licensing. Research the regulatory bodies or professional associations related to your field to understand the requirements for recognition and licensure.
  7. Resume/CV and Cover Letter: Prepare a well-written resume/CV and cover letter tailored to the Canadian job market. Highlight your skills, qualifications, work experience, and achievements relevant to the desired job. It’s important to present your application documents professionally and emphasize your ability to contribute to the Canadian workforce.
  8. Networking and Job Search: Utilize various online and offline job search platforms to explore job opportunities in Canada. Networking, attending job fairs, connecting with professional associations, and leveraging social media platforms can also be beneficial in finding employment opportunities.
  9. Immigration Processes: Familiarize yourself with the immigration processes and requirements related to work permits and permanent residency in Canada. Consider consulting with an immigration lawyer or an authorized immigration consultant to ensure you understand the specific steps and procedures involved.

It’s important to note that the requirements may vary depending on your specific circumstances, the type of job, the province, and any recent changes in immigration policies. Therefore, you should consult official government websites, such as the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website, and seek professional advice to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Best Recruitment Agencies in Canada for Foreigners 2023
Best Recruitment Agencies in Canada for Foreigners 2023

Let us now discuss some of the Best recruiting agencies in Canada for foreigners.

List of Best 20 recruitment agencies in Canada for Foreigners

Global Hire Immigration and Placement ServicesMAIN: 1-855-624-7231
CALGARY: 1-855-995-9923
Canada Staffing Consultants LtdEmail:
Contact No: 905.604.5545
Goldbeck Recruiting IncEmail:
Contact No: 1.604.684.1428
Contact No (Toll-Free): 1.877.684.1428
Renard International Hospitality Search ConsultantsEmail:
Contact No: +1 (416) 364 8325
Fax No: +1 (416) 364 4924
Hays Recruitment Agency, CalgaryEmail:
Work Global Canada Inc.Contact No: 1.709.700.1983
Contact No(Toll free) : 1.888.224.5103
Fax : 1.709.800.8956
WorkVantage International Workforce Solutions Inc.Email :
Contact(Toll free) : 1.866.216.8866
QForce, Canada Employment & Job Placement AgencyEmail:
Contact : (905)404-9922, (905)432-8961
Island RecruitingEmail :
Contact : (804)367-3797, (902)367-3797
Fax : (902)367-3798
Angus One Professional Recruitment Ltd.Email:
Contact : 604 682 8367
Fax : 604 682 4664
TEKsystemsContact : 905 283 1300, 800 254 0778, 905 283 1390
Planet4iT Recruitment AgencyEmail:
Contact: +1 (416) 363 9888
Hays Recruitment Agency VancouverEmail:
Contact : (604) 648 4297
Petro Staff InternationalEmail:
Contact : (403) 266 8988
Fax :(403) 262 1310
Fuze HR Solutions, BramptonEmail:
Liberty Staffing Services IncContact: 519-742-2011
Hunt Personnel Employment AgencyEmail:
Contact: (604) 688-2555
Fax: (604) 688-1536
Durham RecruitingEmail:
Contact: 905 579 2950
Randstad CanadaPhone: 1.800.540.3594

Now let us see how each of the agencies helps foreigners find a suitable job in Canada so that foreigners who are interested in getting a better quality of life for themselves and their families are well served.

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Global Hire Immigration and Placement Services

The agency is well known for its experienced immigration team, which has helped millions of foreigners with migration visas and work permits such as:

  • LMIA
  • Canada Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)
  • Work permit
  • Spousal Sponsorship
  • Permanent Residence
  • Visa Applications
  • Super Visa

Many temporary foreign workers have benefited from Global Hire’s services, including the following:

  • In applying for a work permit
  • In finding an employer with LMIA that suits the job seeker’s education, skills, and area of expertise.
  • In encouraging foreign job seekers through the interview process to perform well and to qualify for a job offer.
  • Last but not least, in applying for and obtaining a permanent address.

Here are some of the toll-free numbers to get in touch with Group Hire Immigration and Placement Services:

MAIN: 1-855-624-7231

CALGARY: 1-855-995-9923

Canada Staffing Consultants Ltd.

CSC is also a well-known recruiting agency helping Canadian employers find highly skilled professionals for their vacant positions. They have a detailed assessment process to know whether the prospective job candidate is best suited for their Canadian employers in terms of aptitude, intelligence, and personality.

The agency is also known for grooming its candidates before job interviews, such as:

  • To write good resumes, they mentor you with resume-writing tips. They also help you with successful resume samples, cover letter samples, and cover letter tips to make your resume effective enough for a high-profile job in your area of expertise.
  • They help you with job counseling, career counseling, and occupation-specific training to prepare you.
  • Well, for your interviews.
  • They encourage you to engage in professional networking to help you gather more information regarding the job and the industry you are applying for so that you will better understand your job responsibilities and your company.
  • They motivate and encourage you to perform at your best in your interviews by providing several tips.

If you would like to contact them for more recruitment information, you could do so either with their email address or their contact number:


Contact No: 905.604.5545

Goldbeck Recruiting Inc

This is one of the very old recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners. For quite some time, they have been known for supporting their Canadian employers in hiring highly skilled and qualified professionals. They also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

They have been helping Canadian employers find the right employees to fill their vacant positions by thoroughly checking their educational background, r factor skills, expertise and other factors.

Background check if required, thereby saving business time for Canadian employers.

They even offer a replacement to the Canadian Employers if the new joint quits within 6 months of joining. That is known to be the longest duration compensation offered by any agency.

If your skills or expertise fall under any of the following categories, don’t wait and do not think. Start applying now! The main areas of their recruiting include:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Healthcare & Biotech
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Engineering & Skilled Trades
  • Industrial & Construction
  • Production & Operators
  • Information Technology and Executive Research

You could contact them with the contact information provided below if you are looking for a job in one of the above areas:


Contact No: 1-604-684-1428

Contact No (Toll-Free): 1-877-684-1428

Renard International Hospitality Search Consultants:

This is one of the recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners that helps foreign job seekers with placements in the hospitality sector and the regulated cannabis industry. Renard International helps job seekers throughout the hiring process by providing the necessary coaching, training, advice and feedback at

the right times so they are knowledgeable enough to get through each stage of their recruitment successfully. They also try to learn about the candidate’s compensation expectations so that they can have a

role in the negotiation of salary and other benefits offered to the candidate by the employer.

If you are looking for a job in the Hospitality sector or the Cannabis Industry in Canada, you may contact the Renard International agency with the following contact details :


Contact No: +1 (416) 364 8325

Fax No: +1 (416) 364 4924

Hays Recruitment Agency, Calgary

They are an agency with over 12 years of experience establishing a professional connection between foreign job seekers and Canadian employers.

They have been providing many services to the newcomers and immigrants, such as:

  • Student Visa
  • Super Visa
  • Work Permit
  • Permanent Residence in Canada
  • Citizenship

They encourage new business start-ups by providing funds(if necessary and if you are eligible) and helping you with any advice to help you succeed in your business.

Suppose you need valuable service in any of the above categories. In that case, you may contact Hays recruitment agency which has an experienced immigration team to take care of your immigration and visa requirements.

Please find their contact details below:


Work Global Canada Inc.

The agency has been known for its professional and value-added services since 2012. Many foreign job seekers have benefitted from various services from the agency listed below that have helped them migrate to Canada with

ease and find better living opportunities for themselves.

The services offered by the agency are:

  • Student Permit Visa
  • Work Permit Visa
  • Immigration Consultations and Services
  • HR Consultation
  • Counseling based on the latest labor market trends.

They are one of the best recruitment agencies in Canada for Foreigners. You may contact them with their contact details listed below:

Contact No: 1-709-700-1983

Contact No(Toll free): 1-888-224-5103

Fax: 1-709-800-8956

Now that we have discussed some of the top recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners let us now look at some frequently asked questions.

How much do recruitment agencies charge in Canada?

The charges or the fees a job seeker needs to pay the recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners vary from 15% of his salary to 25% of his salary. It depends on the hiring process. If your hiring process is longer and tougher, the charges will be more else; the charges will be less.

How do recruitment agencies work in Canada?

Recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners are usually paid by the Employers who are partnered with them to help them find the right candidates for their company roles. Additionally, they receive payment from job seekers who need assistance writing resumes, giving them interview advice, and ultimately getting them hired in their field of expertise.

Are recruiting agencies worth it?

Yes, they will greatly help save a lot of your time. You just need to share all the information about your educational background, work experience, skills and any other industry-related experience that gives a good weightage to your profile in seeking a suitable job in Canada. They will help you find the right job that matches your profile as the consultants there are more experienced in your industry.

Once you feel you have chosen one of the best recruitment agencies in Canada for foreigners, you can rest assured that you will be able to find a good match for your profile with not much effort but rather finding a suitable job all by yourself. It is so time-consuming and not very pleasing.

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In conclusion, if you are considering applying for jobs in Canada as a foreigner, there are several requirements and considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Work permit: You will generally need a valid work permit to work in Canada. Determine the appropriate type of work permit for your situation.
  2. Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA): In some cases, Canadian employers may need to obtain an LMIA to hire a foreign worker. This process is typically the responsibility of the employer.
  3. Job offer: Secure a job offer from a Canadian employer, as it strengthens your application and facilitates the work permit process.
  4. Skills and qualifications: Assess your skills and qualifications to ensure they align with the requirements of the desired job. Some professions may require specific licensing or certification.
  5. Language proficiency: English or French proficiency is important. Employers may require proof of language proficiency through language tests.
  6. Education and credentials: Ensure your education and credentials are recognized in Canada, particularly if your profession requires specific accreditation or licensing.
  7. Resume/CV and cover letter: Prepare a well-written resume/CV and cover letter tailored to the Canadian job market, emphasizing your skills and qualifications.
  8. Networking and job search: Utilize job search platforms, network, and connect with professional associations to explore job opportunities in Canada.
  9. Immigration processes: Familiarize yourself with the immigration processes and requirements related to work permits and permanent residency in Canada.

Remember to stay informed about current regulations and requirements, consult official government sources, and consider seeking professional advice to ensure you have accurate and up-to-date information for your specific situation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are recruitment agencies worth it in Canada?

Recruitment agencies can be beneficial in Canada, depending on your circumstances and job search preferences. Here are some factors to consider when determining if a recruitment agency is worth it for you:

Access to job opportunities: Recruitment agencies often have access to a broader range of job openings, including positions that may not be advertised publicly. They can connect you with job opportunities that align with your skills, experience, and career goals.
Industry expertise: Many recruitment agencies specialize in specific industries or sectors. If you’re looking for a job in a specialized field, working with an agency with industry expertise can be advantageous. They can provide insights, guidance, and connections within your industry of interest.

Time-saving and convenience: Job searching can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Recruitment agencies can streamline the process by presenting you with relevant job opportunities, helping with resume and interview preparation, and managing communication with employers. This can save you time and effort in your job search.
Networking and connections: Recruitment agencies often have relationships with employers and companies. They can leverage their network to connect you with potential employers and increase your visibility in the job market.

Temporary or contract work: Recruitment agencies can be particularly valuable if you’re seeking temporary or contract positions. They frequently work with clients looking to fill short-term roles, providing you with more flexible employment options.
Personalized guidance and support: Some recruitment agencies offer personalized career coaching, resume review, and interview tips to help you enhance your job search strategies and improve your chances of success.

It’s important to note that while recruitment agencies can provide benefits, they are not the only option for finding employment in Canada. Some individuals prefer to conduct their job search through online job boards, company websites, professional networks, or direct applications. Ultimately, choosing a recruitment agency depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the availability of reputable agencies in your area and industry.

How much do recruiters charge in Canada?

The fees charged by recruiters in Canada can vary depending on various factors, including the type of recruitment service, the level of the position being filled, the industry, and the region. The typical fee structure for recruitment agencies in Canada is based on a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary, often called a placement fee.

The placement fee can range from 15% to 30% of the candidate’s first-year salary, although the exact percentage may vary. Sometimes, the fee may be negotiable, especially for high-level or specialized positions. It’s important to note that these percentages are approximate and can vary based on the specific circumstances and agreements between the recruiter and the client company.

Recruitment agencies may have different fee structures for placements, such as permanent, temporary, or contract positions. Temporary or contract placements may have hourly or weekly rates instead of a percentage-based fee.
Discussing the fee structure and any associated costs with the recruitment agency directly to ensure clarity and transparency before engaging their services is advisable. Additionally, fees and practices can change over time, so gathering up-to-date information from specific agencies in your area is essential.

How do recruitment agencies get paid in Canada?

Recruitment agencies in Canada typically earn revenue through placement fees, which are paid by the hiring companies that utilize their services. The specific payment structure and terms can vary between agencies and may depend on factors such as the type of position being filled (permanent, temporary, contract), the level of the position, and the agreement between the agency and the hiring company.

Here are a few common payment models for recruitment agencies in Canada:

Contingency Fee: Under this model, the recruitment agency is only paid if they successfully place a candidate with the hiring company. As discussed earlier, the fee is usually a percentage of the candidate’s first-year salary. The hiring company typically pays the fee once the candidate accepts the job offer and starts working.

Retained Search: In some cases, recruitment agencies may work on a retained search basis for executive-level or specialized positions. The hiring company pays an upfront fee or retainer to secure the agency’s services exclusively for a specific search. This fee is usually a portion of the total placement fee and is paid regardless of the search outcome. Additional fees may apply based on the successful placement of a candidate.

Contract or Temporary Placements: Recruitment agencies may charge an hourly or weekly rate instead of a percentage-based fee for temporary or contract placements. The agency typically invoices the hiring company based on the agreed-upon billing rate for the hours or duration of the placement.

It’s important to note that the payment terms and structures can vary between recruitment agencies, and it’s advisable to discuss and clarify these details with the agency directly to ensure a clear understanding of the financial arrangements before engaging their services.

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