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Food Counter Attendant

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Job Description: You will be in charge of offering our customers excellent customer service while serving food and beverages at the counter of our facility as a food counter attendant. To maintain the quality and safety of our food items, you will be required to keep your workspace clean and sanitized as well as to adhere to food safety and handling guidelines. You’ll cooperate with others on a team and obey orders from managers and supervisors.

Job Position: Food counter attendant
Job Location: 7718-100 Ave.Peace River, AB T8S 1M5
Company: Dairy Queen Peace River
Salary: $15 Hourly
Job type: Full Time
Working Hours: 40 Hours a week

Occupational Duties:

  • At the counter or at the drive-through, welcome guests and take their orders.
  • Use common recipes and techniques to prepare and serve food and drinks like sandwiches, salads, coffee, and soft drinks.
    Accept consumer payments and give precise change.
  • To assure the quality and safety of our food items, adhere to food safety and handling procedures.
  • Keep the workspace tidy and sanitary, including the furniture, surfaces, and flooring.
  • Stock supplies, keep an eye on inventory, and alert management when they run low.
  • Respond to consumer questions and complaints politely and competently.
  • As required, operate cash registers and other devices including drink dispensers, fryers, and grills.
  • Observe the rules and regulations set forth for managing money, preparing meals, and providing customer service.
  • To ensure timely and successful service delivery, collaborate with other team members.


  • equivalent to a high school diploma.
  • Although not necessary, prior food industry experience is encouraged.
  • strong ability to communicate with customers and strong customer service skills.
  • able to manage numerous things at once and work in a fast-paced atmosphere.
  • knowledge of handling guidelines and food safety.
  • Basic math abilities as well as the capacity to appropriately handle money.
  • flexibility in scheduling, including the possibility to work weekends and holidays.
  • Possess the physical stamina necessary for prolonged standing, heavy lifting (up to 25 pounds), and fast-paced labor.

Income and Perquisites:

The compensation for this post will depend on qualifications and experience. Health insurance, paid time off, and chances for career progression inside the organization are a few examples of benefits.

As an equal opportunity employer, we encourage all qualified applicants to apply. Please send your resume and a cover letter explaining your qualifications and experience if you are interested in the position.


  • The following are the standard specifications for a position as a food counter attendant:
  • Required education is a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Experience is preferred, but not necessary, in the food sector.
  • Excellent customer service abilities, including the capacity to deal with complaints, effectively connect with consumers, and deliver a great customer experience, are necessary for this position.
  • Food Handling: To guarantee the quality and safety of the food items, knowledge of food safety and handling procedures is essential.
  • Basic math abilities are required for managing cash and appropriately issuing change.
  • Physical stamina and the capacity to stand for prolonged periods of time, lift objects weighing up to 25 pounds, and operate in a fast-paced atmosphere are necessary for this position.
  • Flexibility: It’s crucial to be available to work flexible hours, particularly on weekends and holidays.
  • Teamwork: To ensure efficient and effective service delivery, it is crucial to be able to collaborate with other team members.
  • Strong communication abilities are needed, as well as the capacity to cooperate with others and adhere to directions.
  • Adaptability: In this position, it’s crucial to be able to adjust to shifting client demands and expectations.
  • It is significant to note that exact criteria could change depending on the company and the duties of the position.

What Do Workers at Food Counters Do?

  • Food counter staff are in charge of serving customers at the counter of a restaurant or other eating place with excellent customer service. To guarantee that guests have a satisfying eating experience, they carry out a variety of tasks, such as:
  • taking orders from customers at the counter or in the drive-through.
  • using standardized recipes and methods to prepare and serve food and drinks, such as sandwiches, salads, coffee, and soft drinks.
  • Taking customer payments and appropriately distributing change.
  • observing food handling and safety procedures to guarantee the high quality and security of food products.
  • keeping the workspace, including the furniture, the counters, and the floors, clean and sanitary.
  • Keeping an eye on inventory levels and alerting management when supplies are getting low.
  • handling consumer enquiries and complaints in a considerate and expert manner.
  • operating cash registers and other machinery as necessary, including drink dispensers, fryers, and grills.
  • observing the rules and regulations set forth for processing money, preparing meals, and providing customer service.
  • collaborating with the rest of the team to deliver services in an effective and timely manner.
  • In general, serving staff at food counters are essential in making sure that patrons get good food and prompt service. They must be able to work quickly while having a cheerful attitude, have outstanding customer service abilities, and be knowledgeable about food safety and handling procedures.

Experiences in Education and Training

While each business has different criteria for education and training, a high school diploma or its equivalent is normally needed for food counter attendants. On-the-job training is frequently offered, and it may cover topics including customer service techniques, equipment operation, cash handling protocols, and food handling and safety regulations.

To make sure that staff have the knowledge and abilities to maintain a safe and clean food environment, some employers may offer supplementary training programs or demand certification in food handling and safety, such as ServSafe or Food Handler Certification.

Employees may also be able to pursue continuing education to enhance their qualifications and expand their career options in the food business. This could involve instruction on new ways for preparing food, methods for providing customer service, or management and leadership abilities.

In general, food counter staff members ought to be eager to learn, have a cheerful outlook, and be dedicated to provide exceptional customer service while abiding by rules governing the handling and storage of food.


In conclusion, delivering customers food and beverages at the counter while providing them with top-notch service is a crucial part of what food counter attendants do in the food industry. They carry out a variety of tasks, including taking customer orders, preparing and serving food and beverages, handling payments, and keeping the workplace tidy and sanitary.

A high school graduation or its equivalent is often required as well as on-the-job training from the employer for food counter attendants. There may also be a need for or availability of additional training courses or certifications in food handling and safety.

The ability to operate in a fast-paced atmosphere, strong customer service skills, understanding of food safety and handling procedures, and a commitment to keeping a cheerful attitude are all required of food counter attendants.

How to apply for this Job

By email: dqpeaceriver@gmail.com

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