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High Demand Jobs in Canada in 2023 (With Salary)

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High Demand Jobs in Canada in 2023 (With Salary), It is expected that over 20 million people will be working in Canada this year, which means that the new year will bring with it new opportunities. employees from other countries who have experience in occupations that are in high demand are anticipated to have favourable labour market prospects in Canada; as a result, these employees are great candidates for skilled immigration programmes. Listed below are the top 10 jobs in Canada that are expected to have strong demand in 2023.

  1. Worker in a variety of trades and manual labour

Education requirements start with a high school diploma or completion of relevant training courses.

Worker in construction, cook, electrician, machinist, mechanic, painter, plumber, and welder are some examples of sample titles.

Not only are skilled trade workers highly compensated in Canada, but there is also a high demand for their services.

It is anticipated that about 700,000 people working in skilled trades would retire between the years 2019 and 2028; hence, there will always be a need to hire and teach thousands more people.

A skilled trade is a career that requires a person to use their knowledge and abilities that they have gained via training and courses in a hands-on setting.

This is the ideal career for you if you prefer to work with tools rather than sitting at a desk and if you prefer to work on a construction site rather than in an office cubicle.

Annual Salary: $45,000 – 80,000

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High Demand Jobs in Canada in 2023 (With Salary)

  1. Those Responsible for Cleaning and General Maintenance

Education requirements consist of a minimum of a high school diploma or a certification in housekeeping.

House cleaner, light duty cleaner, hospital cleaner, hotel cleaner, housekeeper, housekeeping room attendant, office cleaner are some examples of possible titles for this position.

Without a shadow of a question, there is a significant demand for cleaners in Canada, particularly at this time when the health and safety of the country’s residents is the government’s top priority. Well-trained and experienced professional cleaners will guarantee that surfaces in the workplace are cleaned to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

As a cleaner, your duties will include cleaning the lobbies, corridors, offices, and rooms of various buildings, including hotels, motels, resorts, hospitals, schools, and commercial and residential structures.

Hotels, motels, resorts, recreational facilities, hospitals, and other cleaning service firms, as well as private individuals, engage cleaners to maintain their properties.

Annual Salary: $33,000 – 60,000

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  1. Registered Nurse (RN)

The minimum required level of education is a bachelor’s degree, as well as registration with the relevant provincial or territorial regulatory authority.

Bedside nurse, casual duty nurse, Clinic nurse, Primary care nurse, Psychiatric nurse, hospital nurse, Triage nurse, Ward nurse, Dialysis nurse, and graduate nurse are some examples of the roles that are available in the nursing profession.

Once more, the health and safety of Canadian citizens is a Top concern, which means that the need for nurses in Canada is very high.

You are going to do assessments on patients in order to determine the most effective nursing interventions. Nurses are responsible for ensuring that patients receive all medications and treatments that have been prescribed by a doctor or that are in accordance with established policies and procedures.

They are responsible for monitoring, assessing, treating, documenting, and reporting changes in the patients’ conditions.

Benefits Work-life balance, flexible schedules (full-time, part-time, and relief work), competitive pay and benefits (dental and medical insurance, as well as a pension plan), and competitive salaries are all important factors to consider when hiring employees.

Annual Salary: $80,000 – 110,000

  1. Representative of the Customer Service Department

Education Requirement: a Minimum of a High School Diploma

Representative of the customer service department of a call centre, Information clerk, Courtesy desk clerk, Public Relations clerk, and Tourist Information clerk are some examples of possible job titles.

In answer to questions asked over the phone or in person, customer service professionals brief clients and members of the general public on a variety of topics, including goods and services, schedules, tariffs, rules, and policies.

When consumers have questions, customer service professionals in retail companies respond to them either in person or over the phone.

They look into complaints made about the establishment’s products, services, and procedures.

Annual Salary: $44,000 – 67,000

  1. Merchandiser

Buyer of home appliances, Buyer’s assistant, Buyer of beverages (both tasting and purchasing), Retail Buyer, Buyer of clothing, and Buyer of produce are some examples of possible job titles.

Merchandiser is responsible for reviewing the needs of the establishment and deciding the quantity and variety of items to purchase.

You are responsible for determining which products will provide the greatest degree of satisfaction to customers, conducting interviews with potential suppliers, and negotiating prices, discounts, credit terms, and shipping arrangements.

Education Requirement: a Minimum of a High School Diploma

Merchandisers are responsible for establishing and maintaining contact with suppliers, as well as overseeing the delivery of merchandise to various locations and ensuring proper stock levels.

Annual Salary: $59,000 – 78,000

  1. Truck Driver

Education requirements consist of a minimum of truck driver training and a valid driver’s licence.

Driver of long-haul trucks, driver of heavy trucks, driver of moving vans, driver of delivery vehicles, driver of courier services, driver of dry cleaning vehicles are some examples of possible job titles.

Heavy truck drivers are responsible for the shipment of goods and supplies across urban, interurban, provincial, and international routes using a variety of vehicles.

Either they work for firms that specialise in transportation, manufacturing, distribution, and relocation, as well as trucking employment service organisations, or they work for themselves as independent contractors.

Within trucking yards or lots, trailers are moved to and from loading docks using specialised trucks and vehicles known as shunters. Truck drivers employ these vehicles.

Annual Salary: $60,000 – 84,000

  1. Person Who Develops Software

Educational Requirement: Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree

Application programmer, computer programmer, programmer analyst, systems programmer, web programmer, and interactive media developer are some examples of job titles for computer programmers.

Developers of software are responsible for writing, modifying, integrating, and testing the computer code that makes up software applications, data processing applications, operating systems-level software, and communications software.

They keep existing computer programmes running well by making changes to them as needed. Additionally, they identify and convey technical issues, as well as methods and solutions.

They find work in companies that specialise in the production of computer software, companies that provide consulting services in the field of information technology, and information technology departments in both the private and public sectors.

Annual Salary: $60,000 – $100,000

  1. Licenced Practical Nurse (often referred to as an LPN)

Education Requirement: a Minimum of a High School Diploma

Nursing assistant graduate, licenced practical nurse (L.P.N. ), operating room technician, and registered nursing assistant (R.N.A.) are some examples of possible job titles.

The provision of nursing care by licenced practical nurses typically takes place under the supervision of medical practitioners, registered nurses, or other members of the health care team.

Technicians in operating rooms are responsible for preparing patients for surgery and assisting surgeons and other medical professionals throughout the procedure.

Hospitals, nursing homes, extended care facilities, rehabilitation centres, doctor’s offices, clinics, companies, private homes, and community health centres are some of the places that hire licenced practical nurses. Other employment settings include extended care facilities, rehabilitation centres, and extended care facilities.

Annual Salary: $50,000 – 75,000

  1. A Professional Who Works With Computer Networks

Educational Requirements: Minimum of a High School Diploma or Completion of Related Work Experience

The following are some examples of possible job titles: computer network technician, data centre operator, local area network (LAN) administrator, network administrator, network support technician, and system administrator.

Technicians who work in computer networks are responsible for the creation, operation, maintenance, and coordination of the usage of local and wide area networks, mainframe networks, hardware, software, and other associated computer equipment.

They create and maintain websites on the Internet and intranet, as well as the hardware and software used by web servers, and they monitor and optimise the connectivity and performance of the network.

They hold positions in information technology departments all around the world, both in the public and private sectors.

Annual Salary: $47,000 – 65,000

  1. a licenced chemist

Education Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy as a Bar Minimum

Pharmacist, Clinical pharmacist, Community pharmacist, Hospital pharmacist, Industrial pharmacist, Pharmacist, Retail pharmacist are some examples of possible job titles for a pharmacist.

Community pharmacists and hospital pharmacists are responsible for compounding and dispensing prescription medications, in addition to providing consultation services to patients and other members of the medical community.

They might work as employees in retail pharmacies or pharmacies located in health centres, or they might be self-employed.

Industrial chemists are involved in the various stages of the pharmaceutical production process, including research and development, marketing, and manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical firms as well as government organisations and agencies are where you can find them working.

Annual Salary: $100,000 – 160,000

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