High Demand Jobs in Manitoba Canada in 2023-2024

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Are you looking for jobs in Manitoba that have a high demand? No need to look any further! The province of Manitoba has a robust economy and a wide range of jobs that are in demand across a variety of industries.

In the year 2023, workers with specialised trade skills and healthcare experts will continue to be in very high demand. This article focuses on the top 12 jobs in Manitoba and provides information on the job outlook as well as the qualifications that are required for each position. Prepare yourself to make the next step in your professional life in Manitoba.


Do you enjoy the culinary arts tremendously? Are you enthusiastic about beginning a career in the hospitality industry? Manitoba needs you! The province is experiencing an unprecedented scarcity of cooks, and as a result, eateries across the region are in desperate need of chefs.

In spite of the fact that the average yearly wage for cooks in Manitoba is $26,350 based on a 37.5-hour work week, there is a significant need for cooks. As of this moment, there are approximately 543 vacant positions for cooks in the province of Manitoba. Participate in this dynamic industry and demonstrate your prowess in the kitchen.

Technicians Who Work on Heavy Equipment

Are you mesmerised by the intricate heavy-duty machinery utilised in many industries such as farming, forestry, mining, and construction?

Do you have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and fix problems with these automobiles? If this is the case, Manitoba may have a position for you!

Heavy equipment technicians have the potential to make a median annual salary of $62,400, and the demand for these experts is high in the province despite the fact that there is a labour shortage on a national scale. Come be a part of this thriving sector and leave your imprint.

Transport Truck Drivers

Because of the increase in the number of packages that need to be delivered as a result of the pandemic as well as the impending retirement of baby boomers, Manitoba is in need of transport truck drivers.

There are approximately 618 open opportunities for truck drivers in the province of Manitoba, indicating that there is a driver shortage. This is the perfect profession for you if you have a deep interest in travel and are looking for a job that pays a median of $42,900 a year.

Heavy Equipment Operators

The province of Manitoba is looking for people who have experience operating heavy machinery in the mining, construction, or material handling industries.

Heavy equipment operators in the province have the potential to make a median annual salary of $52,650, and they are in great demand by a variety of industries. In addition, the province has a large number of heavy equipment operators. Utilise your skills to make a positive impact, and take pride in the fact that you can observe the fruits of your labour on a daily basis.

Servers of Various Foods and Drinks

As of the beginning of December, there were 292 employment openings in the hotel business in Manitoba, but there is a severe shortage of servers.

Servers of food and beverages are crucial to the food service sector since they are responsible for collecting orders, serving customers food and beverages, and providing outstanding customer service.

When considering a workweek of 37.5 hours, the median yearly pay for servers in the province of Manitoba is $26,325.

Helper in the Construction Trades

Assisting construction craftsmen in moving supplies, preparing job sites, and cleaning up after building projects are all tasks that construction trades helpers in Manitoba are often called upon to perform.

There were approximately 221 unfilled positions for building trades assistance in the province as of the beginning of December. The median annual income for these workers in Manitoba is $39,000, assuming that they work a standard workweek consisting of 37.5 hours.

Helpers in the construction trades are most often employed by construction companies, trade and labour contractors, surface mine and quarry owners, and other similar businesses.

Associate Retail Sales Professionals

Indeed advertised 627 job openings for sales roles in the beginning of December in the province of Manitoba, where the employment of retail sales associates is essential to the success of every retail business.

Retail sales associates in Manitoba earn a median annual salary of $26,325 based on a 37.5-hour workweek. This salary is derived from the fact that these professionals sell and lease goods and services directly to clients. There is a need for salespeople in many different businesses, including the technology sector, the fashion industry, and the home products sector.

Real Estate Agents

As a result of the growing property market in Manitoba, real estate brokers are in high demand throughout the province. The annual salary of these experts ranges from $49,000 to $130,000, dependent upon their level of expertise and level of achievement.

During the course of real estate transactions, they advise clients, assist people in buying and selling properties, and negotiate contracts.

To be successful as a real estate agent, you need to have excellent communication and people skills, in addition to having extensive knowledge of the housing market in your area.

Financial Sales Representatives

There is a severe shortage of financial sales representatives in Manitoba, and the province has a large number of job positions that are open to eligible candidates. When assisting clients with financial planning and investments, these specialists bring in an average of $24 CAD per hour as a wage for their services.

It is anticipated that the demand for financial sales representatives will increase as the economy continues its expansion, which will make this line of work a lucrative career option for anyone who are interested in the financial industry.

Power Engineers And Power Systems Operators

Because Manitoba is placing a greater emphasis on the use of renewable energy sources, there is a rise in the province’s demand for power engineers and operators of power systems.

The average hourly compensation for these experts is $37 CAD. They ensure that power plants and other energy systems continue to operate safely and effectively.

As a result of the growing demand for energy generation and distribution in Manitoba, it is predicted that the number of jobs available for power engineers and operators will continue to increase over the course of the following years.

Professionals Working in Human Resources

Experts in management of human resources are indispensable to businesses and organisations in Manitoba, regardless of their size. A non-managerial human resources position in the province brings in an average hourly wage of $32 CAD, and there are many job openings available in the province.

These experts are in charge of employee relations, as well as the recruitment and hiring of new staff members, as well as the formulation and execution of HR policies and procedures. It is anticipated that there will be an increase in demand for qualified human resources professionals in Manitoba as the province’s job market shows more signs of expansion.

Managers Working In The Medical Field

Because of the continuing growth and expansion of the healthcare industry in Manitoba, there is a substantial demand for healthcare managers in the province.

These experts oversee day-to-day operations in medical facilities, manage people, and formulate organisational rules and protocols. The implementation of policies and procedures is under the purview of healthcare managers, who make an average of $47 CAD per hour and are paid on that basis.

The ageing population in Manitoba is projected to increase the demand for healthcare services, which will make healthcare management an attractive career option for people who are interested in working in the healthcare industry.

In conclusion

As a result of the wide range of high-demand occupations that can be found in the province of Manitoba’s many different industries, job seekers in Canada might consider moving there. It is anticipated that there would be a significant need for people skilled in healthcare and skilled crafts in the year 2023.

As you can see from the primary themes that have been presented, the province offers various chances for employment. In addition, the job market in Manitoba exhibits signals of sustained expansion, and it is anticipated that the demand for professionally trained individuals would increase.

People who are interested in pursuing a successful and fulfilling career should investigate the opportunities that are available in the province of Manitoba, which is located in Canada and offers a large number of jobs that are in high demand.

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