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Top 10 High-Demand Jobs in Alberta Canada in 2023

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Job seekers in Alberta, which is a province in Canada, have access to a wealth of work prospects, since a variety of businesses in the region offer positions that are both stimulating and lucrative. High-Demand Jobs in Alberta Canada

This article will examine the top 10 jobs currently experiencing the greatest demand in Alberta, Canada. These positions provide excellent career opportunities, competitive salary, and room for advancement. This post will provide information on the top 10 high-demand occupations in Alberta that you need to be aware of, regardless of whether you are a new graduate, a seasoned professional, or a job seeker exploring fresh prospects.

Stylists of the Hair and Barbers

Alberta, Canada is seeing a boom in the beauty sector, which has resulted in a significant increase in demand for skilled hairstylists and barbers.

Your primary task, whether you work in a salon or as a barber, will be to cut and style clients’ hair in a manner that is tailored to their specific requirements and preferences. at addition to that, you need to be adept at shaving, hair cleaning, colouring men’s hair, and giving men perms. In addition, it would be beneficial for you to have previous experience using specialised instruments such as scissors, clippers, and razors in your line of work.

Barbers earn an average of $18 or more per hour, while hairstylists can make up to $25 per hour in addition to receiving various benefits. The primary determining factor is the company for which they work. To enter the fields of hair styling or barbering in Alberta, one must complete an apprenticeship as the very minimum educational need. It is possible for barbers and hairstylists to have successful and satisfying careers in the beauty industry if they are willing to put in consistent, hard work and are dedicated to improving their skills.


Carpenters are experienced artisans who specialise in a variety of construction tasks, including the fabrication and erection of wooden structures such as roofs, floors, and custom kitchens.

The average hourly income for carpenters in Alberta is $31.97, which is higher than the average hourly wage across the nation. To become a successful carpenter, one must normally complete an apprenticeship to learn the essential skills, safety protocols, and on-the-job training necessary for the position.

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Serving Staff for Food and Drink

The hospitality business in Alberta is experiencing a shortage of cooks and waiters, making it difficult for owners of restaurants to hire workers. Additionally, it is one of the jobs that is in highest demand across the entirety of Canada. In late November, Indeed posted 2,988 open positions for cooks and 1,190 open positions for waiters in Alberta.

Based on a regular 37.5-hour workweek, chefs and servers in Alberta’s hospitality sector make a median annual pay of $31,200. This salary is based on the province’s average number of hours worked.

Installers and Service Technicians Serving Residential and Commercial Properties

There is a strong demand in Canada for residential as well as commercial installers who are capable of installing a wide variety of interior and exterior structures, including windows, doors, and electrical appliances, in private homes as well as in businesses.

In addition to the work of installation, it is also their responsibility to provide services of repair and maintenance for the systems that they have installed. The level of schooling necessary to enter this industry varies from job to job due to the distinct nature of the requirements of each position.

Installers of solar panels in Canada make, on average, $25.49 per hour, however their compensation can vary significantly depending on the area and the type of job they do. For instance, window installers in Alberta can make anywhere from $20.00 to $35.00 per hour, based on their level of expertise and the qualities they bring to the job.

Helper in the Construction Trades

In order to fill roles on construction sites, quarry work sites and surface mining operations in Canada, the building trades sector requires experienced people.

Assistants in the building trades provide assistance to those employed in the construction industry, including plumbers, carpenters, and electricians, while they are performing their duties. In general, their responsibilities include of carrying and lifting products, cleaning and preparing work places, and offering assistance to other craftsmen as required. In addition, they may also be responsible for preparing and maintaining tools.

If they work a typical 40-hour week, construction trades helpers in Alberta bring in a median annual salary of $39,000.

Although there is no required minimum education for this position, some employers may give preference to candidates who have experience or training in the relevant field.

Heavy Equipment Operators

Because of the growing need to develop and maintain numerous types of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, airports, pipelines, tunnels, and buildings, there has been an increase in the demand for heavy equipment operators.

According to the assumptions made for a typical work week, heavy equipment operators in Alberta make a median annual income of $62,400.

Heavy equipment operators are typically employed by construction businesses, public works departments, pipeline and logging companies, and other heavy equipment contracting firms. Other typical employers include logging companies.

Drivers of Transporting Trucks

Drivers of straight trucks or tractor-trailer combinations are responsible for moving goods via urban, interurban, provincial, and international routes utilising a variety of vehicles. They are typically employed by companies that are involved in transportation, manufacturing, distribution, and relocation; however, they may also be self-employed or work for trucking employment service organisations. Typically, they are employed by companies that are involved in transportation, manufacturing, distribution, and relocation.

Truck drivers in Alberta get a median yearly wage of $54,600 if they perform a standard 40-hour work week. Having said that, this wage could be more or lower depending on the company, the sector, and the location of the work.

Top 10 High-Demand Jobs in Alberta Canada in 2023

Equipment Mechanics

Construction, forestry, mining, transportation, and oil and gas production are all industries that require the services of equipment mechanics. They take home a yearly median wage of $76,966 in the province of Alberta.

It is anticipated that there will be a nationwide labour shortage between the years 2019 and 2028, despite the fact that job prospects for this profession are favourable. Indeed reports that in the month of November, there were 600 job vacancies for equipment mechanics in the province of Alberta alone.

Supervisors of the Retail and Wholesale Trades

Managers in the retail and wholesale trade are accountable for monitoring daily operations, reaching sales objectives, and ensuring that customers receive high-quality goods and services.

There is a wide range of education requirements based on the shop and the profession, however the average hourly income for supervisors in this sector is $38.05.

Retail Sales Managers

Because of the critical role they play in propelling business growth, particularly in times of economic stagnation, sales managers are in great demand in the province of Alberta.

A standard work week results in a salary of $71,994 per year for someone working in this occupation in the province of Alberta. Employers are willing to pay a premium for top-tier talent because retail sales managers are responsible for developing new client relationships, closing business transactions, and creating income for their companies. As a result, employers are willing to pay a premium for top-tier talent.

Bringing It All Together

This article focuses on the top 10 Jobs that are now in great demand in the province of Alberta, Canada. These jobs come from a variety of industries and offer excellent career prospects, incomes that are competitive, and room for progress.

The hairstyling and barbering industries are seeing significant growth in Alberta, which has resulted in an increased demand for qualified individuals in these fields. Additionally, there has been an uptick in the demand for carpenters and installers.

In addition to being in great demand, heavy equipment operators, sales managers, and equipment mechanics are positions that firms are willing to pay top bucks for if they can find exceptional candidates.

In addition, the hospitality sector in Alberta is looking for people to work as chefs and wait staff; this demonstrates the province’s diverse employment market, which offers exciting prospects to people who are interested in high-demand positions.

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