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About Nunavut
People have been living in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago for more than 4,000 years, which is a fact that has been uncovered despite the fact that the Inuit ancestry is not entirely known. The Inuit were able to maintain their way of life through activities such as hunting, fishing, and trapping, which provided them with both clothes and food.

However, when explorers arrived in the region carrying diseases, the Inuit established contact with each other. As a result, the diseases spread, which led to a decrease in population during the 19th century. As a direct consequence of this, the fur trade started to become the dominant economic activity in Arctic regions during the 20th century. However, prior to the establishment of trade, the Inuit adapted to their environment and relied on outside resources to maintain their way of life.

Immigration or Programmes Dedicated Exclusively to Visas

The following is a list of some of the immigration routes that you can use in order to move to Nunavut:

a system called Express Entry

The goal of this immigration system, which is based on points and not interviews, is to produce fast outcomes. The framework is composed on three adaptable immigration programmes that are unified under the Express Entry banner. Learn more about Express Entry and how to create a profile with Express Entry by reading up on the topic.

Express Entry is available for residents of the Northwest Territories (NWT).
This category is for skilled professionals who have a profile on Express Entry; it is excellent for individuals who want to live and work in Nunavut. The programme is geared towards workers with specialised skills who are also interested in obtaining permanent residency; successful applicants will be awarded 600 points in the Express Entry pool. The following is a list of the pertinent criteria for NWT Express Entry:

  • Have your application for Express Entry considered.
  • Have a profile set up in the system for Express Entry.
  • Either secure a job offer and have a Job Seeker Validation Code, or ensure that you meet the requirements of the Skilled Worker stream and demonstrate that you are qualified to work in that capacity.
  • If you are unsure about how to proceed, you should contact with our immigration specialists. They will be able to advise and help you throughout the process regarding the programme that is the most appropriate fit for you.

Today is the day to immigrate to Nunavut.

Those who are interested in having an unforgettable experience will find that Nunavut has a lot to offer. We have ensured that you have access to the appropriate resources and information about Nunavut by giving them to you in order to offer you with the required help and direction. Before relocating to Canada, candidates are strongly encouraged to first do the essential study on the Canadian province of their choice. When filling out their applications, we would like to advise potential candidates to do it in an honest and complete manner. In the event that you do not comply, processing periods will be prolonged, and your application will be sent back to you.

Get in touch with our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) to receive the appropriate direction and assistance throughout the process of becoming a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

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